Welsh Language Services

Helping you comply with the Welsh language standards

Welsh language standards give people in Wales a legal right to receive public services through the medium of Welsh.

This is the new reality and it is changing perceptions and expectations in terms of the language - and meeting the standards can be a challenge.

What can Ateb do?

We can provide cost effective solutions to your compliance, leaving you with more time to focus and deliver your organisation’s core objectives and priorities. Our work with clients includes producing staff guides, developing compliance plans, delivering staff training and awareness sessions.

If you are already complying and are looking for assurance, we can carry out compliance health checks to help keep you on track.

Practical and deliverable language strategies

At Ateb, it is not just about ‘talking the talk’ with practical experience of delivering fully bilingual services, we can truly say that we have also ‘walked the walk’.

The Welsh language is not just a means of communication – done well it can open up access to new audiences and enable you to become commercially more competitive. Actively offering bilingual services can improve customer loyalty and ensure you are relevant and credible in the modern Wales. To work with the public sector in Wales it’s now a must.

What can Ateb do?

We can work with you to develop your language strategy and policy in a way that suits your organisation or business. Our approach is practical, and we always make sure what we bring to the table is workable and sustainable.

For all our clients our experienced team delivers services to the highest standard, simply packaged and cost effective.

  • Standards compliance and on-going support
  • Advice on all Welsh language matters
  • Welsh language audits and health checks
  • Bilingual social media content
  • Translation and proof-reading
  • Corporate policy reviews
  • Staff training and Welsh language awareness sessions
  • Day to day Welsh language capacity