E-learning and Training

We believe that the day of sitting through endless training in bland rooms with weak coffee has well and truly gone.

But, every organisation and business still needs to ensure that employees have the right knowledge to fulfil their roles and provide an excellent service.

Porta from Ateb is the perfect answer. Our fully bilingual, simple to use flexible e-learning platform means that learning can be engaging and meaningful.

Our thoughtful, and interesting e-learning programmes will give your employees insight and understanding on key topics.

Like everything else we do, our approach to developing bilingual e-learning programmes is practical and based on our expertise as well as our own first-hand experience. We build from scratch in both languages, which means that our material is clear and easy to digest - and we want it to make sense.

With specific programmes designed and developed to enable public bodies to meet Welsh language standards requirements, you can rest in the knowledge that your teams are equipped to deliver services which are compliant.

For businesses and organisations who want to ensure that their people gain language and cultural awareness understanding, we have shorter programmes available and can tailor modules to suit your business.

Benefits of Ateb e-learning...

  • Safe on-line remote learning
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Developed to suit new working practices
Porta - E-Ddysgu Dwyieithog CPD Member